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KEIGETSU Tokubetsu-Junmai Aikawa-Homare

特別純米酒 相川譽

Quoting directly from Tosa Brewery’s Managing Director Muneki Matsumoto – “Inspiration came from my mentor of wine when discussing about the existence of Grand Cru in Burgundy. This raised the question on its equivalent in the Sake rice fields.” There is no such classification as Grand Cru for Sake rice fields as yet, but we have Tosa’s local Sake rice “Hinohikari”. It is grown organically, completely chemical free and used to brew “Aikawahomare”. At Aikawa, Tosa, rice is grown on the beautiful terraced paddies, with elevations varying from 350m to 600m above sea level. There is 150C difference in temperature between day and night which provides optimal conditions for growing great Sake rice.

The first impression one may get is how pure and clean this Sake is, however the persistent acidity and richness that lingers on the end palate can only be derived from this organically grown rice.

Recommended Drinking Temp: Room Temperature or Chilled

Ingredients: Rice, Koji Rice, Water, Yeast
Sake Grade: Junmai
Sake Rice: Hinohikari (100% produced in Kochi, Japan)
Rice Polishing: 60%
Alcohol: 15% vol.
Sake Meter Value: -1
Acidity: 2.0
Amino Acid: 1.6
Size:(bottles) 1.8L, 720ml, 300ml

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