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KEIGETSU Aikawa-Homare Yamahai-Junmai 58

特別純米酒 相川譽今すぐ購入

Keigetsu Aikawa-homare Yamahai Junmai is made from Gin-no-Yume rice, harvested in the terraced rice paddies in Aikawa area in Tosa, polished down to 58% of its original size remaining. Brewed with Yamahai method. Keigetsu Aikawa-homare Yamahai Junmai offers beautiful acidity with well-defined umami and balanced fruitiness. It is full bodied and very food friendly style. Serve chilled, room-temperature and warm.

IWC2018 Sake Junmai Silver Medal

Ingredients: Rice, Koji Rice, Water, Yeast
Sake Grade: Junmai
Rice: Gin no Yume (Rice Polishing 58%)
Sake Metre Value: +4
Acidity: 1.8
Amino Acid: 1.2

Style: Full bodied, sweet & savoury, generous mouth-feel, extremely well balanced acidity and Umami with a long finish
Recommended Drinking Temp: Chilled (5-15C), Room Temp (15-20C), Warm (20-40C)

Food Matching: Wagyu Croquet, Black Cod, Japanese Hot Pot, Semi Hard Cheeses, Fatty Tuna Sashimi, Seared Fatty Tuna, Beef Bourguignon, Alancini

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