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KEIGETSU Extra-Brut Tokubetsu-Junmai 60

One of Tosa’s venerable inhabitants lamented that there wasn’t any Kochi Sake made in the old style anymore. The style referred to is the very dry type that pairs well with such things as sashimi. This Extra Brut is the Sake brewed to fill this void. It has a characteristic Junmai presence on the nose and palate; its dry nature opens a slight alcohol sweetness to come through in the crisp, rice rich, mouthfeel. The clear, clean taste makes this a very food friendly Sake that can also be enjoyed on its own.

Recommended Drinking Temp: Chilled (5-15C), Warm (30-40C)

Ingredients: Rice, Koji Rice, Water, Yeast
Sake Grade: Junmai
Sake Rice: Akitsuho (100% produced in Kochi, Japan)
Rice Polishing: 60%
Alcohol: 15% vol.
Sake Meter Value: +11
Acidity: 1.3
Amino Acid: 1.5
Size:(bottles) 1.8L, 720ml, 300ml

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