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KEIGETSU Sparkling Sake “John”

スパークリング日本酒 匠


Quoting directly from Tosa Brewery’s Managing Director Muneki Matsumoto – “I made this Sake for a good friend John, who had always requested a dry style Sparkling Sake and I wanted to meet his kind expectation.”

His company’s ethos – “The Sake, made by friendship, made for friendship”

It is made with a local sake rice “Gin no Yume”, which is carefully brewed to the style of a Junmai Daiginjo and then made sparkling. Unlike the classic Sparkling Sake style, the appearance of this Sake is as clear as a diamond with lively and consistent bubbles, contributing to a very unique and masculine style of Sparkling Sake and yet retaining the bone-dry elegance of a Junmai Daiginjo.

Sparkling “John” won the IWC Trophy medal for Sparkling Sake at the International Wine Challenge Sake Challenge in 2016, the highest award in the Sparkling category for this very prestigious competition. Tosa Brewery is the first ever brewery in Kochi Prefecture to receive such a trophy award.

Recommended drinking temperature: Well Chilled

Product of Japan : Japanese Sake
Ingredients: Rice, Koji Rice, Water, Yeast
Sake Grade: Junmai Daiginjo
Rice: Gin no Yume (Rice Polishing 50%)

Alcohol: 15% vol.
Size:(bottles)1.500ml , 750ml, 375ml

IWC2016_01世界最大規模のワイン品評会 IWC2016 の Sake部門にて、スパークリング酒 匠がスパークリング部門のゴールドメダル及びトロフィー(第1位)を受賞致しました。



ホテルニューオータニ エグゼクティブシェフソムリエ
(プロフィール)「細かな気泡がゆっくりと立ち上がる。香りは、フルーティー。白桃・洋梨のような香りが豊か。発泡性の日本酒は日本酒を飲みなれていない方や海外の方、日本酒が重いと感じている方にも親しみやすい印象。シャンパーニュを楽しむシーンなどでも華やかな印象をうける John は向いています。」


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