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Fruity, Delicately Sweet and Sour

Our Yuzu Sake has a classic Sake character with the presence of sweet and tangy yuzu. Kochi prefecture produces about half of the entire yuzu production in Japan and Tosa is especially well known for the best yuzu production. This mountainous region provides the perfect combination of a cool climate and beautiful water. Yuzu is harvested around the end of October to the beginning of November when it reaches 60-70% of its full ripeness. In order to preserve its freshness and acidity it is essential that Yuzu is pressed as soon as it has been harvested.

Please do come and meet our Yuzu producer if you are planning to visit our brewery one day.

Recommended drinking Temperature: Well Chilled

Alcohol: 8%

Size:(bottles) 1800ml, 720ml, 500ml, 300ml

詳しくは、YUZU SAKE パンフレット

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